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Témoignage de Karin D.M.

“ I felt respected, the massage was deep and intense.  My body was awaken by goddess hands.  It brought me a deep wellness.  I felt decontracted with my feet well on the ground !”

Karin D. M.

"Every other Monday I have my 20 minutes of chair massage with Nathalie. It is expected and enjoyed more than you can imagine! She regularly helped me on sore neck or sore back and especially after a 1 week trip on a motorbike.
Thank you Nathalie. "


Témoignage de F.D.
Témoignage de Kadda F.F.

“I did not know anything about shiatsu, knowing essentially oil massage of which I am a fan !  I felt welcome by Natalie in her peaceful cabinet.  I am quite stressed, though I could feel a immediate relaxation and I appreciated the soft pressions from which I felt a good energy.  Just after the massage, I felt a bit tired but the morning after, I was full of energy !”

Kadda F.-F.

“Along the sessions, I notice my breathing is going deeper, I hush, the thoughts are going away, my body relaxes and then, progressively, some of the tensions in my upper back fade away, thanks to a nice quality of touch and presence”

Daniel B.

Témoignage de Daniel B.