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Natalie Bourlard
who am i ?Which are my assets ? professional Background
Who am i ?  

I am native of Brussels, mother of two teenagers and I have worked in several companies in different matters, especially public relations and communication, multinationals and international organisations. 
It has offered me the opportunity to practice a few European languages and to approach the human relationship in the companies.  In that area, I have now a good comprehension. 
This is an asset which considerably helps me to understand people who are confronted to difficulties in their work, especially those which affect the health.

Natalie Bourlard
Which are my assets ? top

During my years practice, I have created a relaxing shiatsu,  a shiatsu on chair and a therapeutic shiatsu.

For this last one, the sessions are just a part of the work.I could see that often, this method brings the person to become aware on the way she breaths, eats, sleeps and learns to communicate about the way she feels the sensations during the treatment.

And then, one feels like improving one’s life quality. 

My experience in shiatsu

Depending on each person, changings appear, you want to take care about your health because what is amazing with shiatsu, is that those points which are pressed are really like doors to the source of life which flow in our veins.

What I would like to say to people who still do not know this technique, is that it is necessary to try it to really understand what shiatsu is
Shiatsu is a sensation, in the body as well as in the mind, and those sensations are getting finer with time passing by and helps to know better the expression of our body in order to quickly detect when a disfunction appears.  And often, we can solve this disfunction whether it is treated in its very beginning.

My passion and my enthousiasm for shiatsu comes from the fact that I am fully convinced about its efficacity.  It is obvious that I will always need doctors and medicines in case of an illness.  But since I know this method, I receive it regularly and my health is quite better than before.  I would never get rid of it.

Moreover, to practice shiatsu with a mind fullness attention for the receiver gives me much serenity and concentration.

Professional Background top
  • Certified in Feet Reflexology in 2005
    (Traditional Chinese Method),
    Ecole belge de réflexologie plantaire - Nicole Debelle.
  • Certified in Chair Massage in 2005,
    Ecole Kajudo - Elisa Carpiaux.
  • Certified in Shiatsu Initiation and Shiatsu Level 1 in 2006,
    Ecole Kajudo - Elisa Carpiaux.
  • Currently in training in Anatomy, Kajudo – Angel Chicharro Garcia
  • Graduated by Yoseido® Shiatsu Academy – Yuichi Kawada Sensei in 2010.